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I would like to inform a gender-related incident.

"Type, Fill, and Send" Trilogy

STEP 0. Notification Guidelines

If a student encounters a gender-related incident involving someone on campus, whomever obtain the piece of information must report the incident to school security within 24 hours.

However, if it is a incident happened in workplace realm involving a part-time job outside of school, the incident can be reported within 7 days.
Note: Sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual bullying are collectively referred to as "gender-related incidents"

STEP1. Call to notify

The direct number of Gender Equity Education Committee is 03-5742626. The service hours is Monday to Friday, 8:00-17:00.
 During non-working hours (including Friday evenings and the eve of consecutive holidays) the direct dial number of the  Campus Security Office.

In case of immediate danger, please call the Campus Security Office.
Extension 33333 or 03-5714769
Division of Student Assistance 
Extension 66666 or 03-5711814
(Nanda Campus)
Extension 71411 or 0911-799-474

STEP 2. Fill in the "Notification Form"

Regardless of whether the person in the know are willing or not, and whether the one's supervisor agrees or not, notification is required within 24 hours .

(From the first time the school staff learns of the incident until the school completes the school safety report.)

However, the name, department, and location of the incident can be concealed, and leave only the identity of the person in the know and the circumstances of the incident filled in.

STEP 3. Email transmission

mailGender Equity Education Committei: gencom@my.nthu.edu.tw

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