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Gender Friendly Spaces

Gender Friendly Spaces

National Tsing Hua University has been dedicated to improving the gender equality and equity environment on campus.

As an result, our university provides staffs and students with gender-friendly environment and adequate protection , assistance and incentives for pregnant students.

Priority car parking spaces for pregnant women

Please read the National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) car pass instructions, fill out the car pass application form and attach a copy of the cover of the mother's handbook to the Gender Equality Education Committeel.

Onece the car permit is approved, the Campus Security Office will allocate the parking space closest to your workplace or department.

If you have any questions, please call ext. 35081.

Breastfeeding room

3rd Floor, Administration Building, Nanda Campus

If faculty and staff have any needs, please contact Miss Lin (03-5715131 ext. 78215) of the Promotion and Education Center of the Academic Affairs Office, or the Gender Equality Education Committee (ext. 35081).



Innovative Incubation Center 5th Floor

If faculty and staff have any needs, please contact the 1F Service Desk of the Innovative Incubation Center (03-5715131 ext. 43028), or contact the Gender Equality Education Committee (ext. 35081).

MXIC Building(Learning Resource Center)7F Room730

TSMC Building, Room726

Unisex Toilet

With unisex toilets on campus, non-binary, inter, and trans people no longer have to choose a gender when using restrooms and are no longer subject to exclusionary reactions.
The locations are listed as follows:
Humanity and social science building B area
Two rooms are also equipped with experimental running water sound equipment (called Otohime and Otoshogun in Japan) to deal with privacy issues.
In addition, each room is equipped with anti-peeping sensors and emergency buttons.

Innovative Incubation Center 2nd floor
Food Court

 General Building IV

Centre of indigenous science development

NTHU Photonics Research Center.

  Welcome to try these spaces out and provide user feedback.