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        In order to promote substantive gender equality, eliminate gender discrimination, uphold human dignity, and improve and establish education resources and environment of gender equality, gender equity education committee (GEEC) was established in December, 2005 according to Article 6 of the Gender Equity Education Act. GEEC, affiliated to Office of the Secretariat, is designated with administrative responsibility to handle the incidents prescribed in the regulations of Gender Equity Education Act, Gender Equality in Employment Act and Sexual Harassment Prevention Act.


The gender equity education committee of the school consists of fifteen members, who serve specific terms. The school principal or president is the chair of the committee, and at least one half of the committee members shall be women. Representatives of faculty, staff, parents, students, and experts with gender equity consciousness, and scholars from fields related to gender equity education are invited to be committee members. Matters regarding the organization and meetings of the committee, and other related affairs are prescribed by the school.



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