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Application/Report Channel

Application channels for gender equality incidents

Receiving unit: Gender Equality Education Committee

Application method: by telephone, E-mail or fax with real name to apply or report to the Association

Application Tel: (03)571-5131 ext. 42626, 35075, 35081

Fax phone: (03)574-5473

Email: gencom@my.nthu.edu.tw

Application period: as soon as possible after the incident, seek help or apply to the association; or wait until you/you are ready before submitting an application for investigation. When you/you apply for investigation, we will abide by the principle of confidentiality and provide detailed explanations, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, or sexual bullying, and other relevant knowledge, laws and rights, and provide assistance, including interviews, as you/you wish , Accompanying medical treatment, emotional support, alarm consultation and other services, when necessary, we will notify the relevant competent unit in accordance with regulations. After the application is accepted, it will be referred to the rotating committee member of the Association for follow-up related processing within three days.

Matters needing attention: According to Article 29, Item 2 of the Gender Equality Education Act,When an educational institution or competent authority receives an application for investigation to be conducted or a report of an offense, it shall decline to proceed further in any of the following circumstances:
1. The incident(s) is in a category that is not covered by the provision of this Act.
2. The applicant or the person who reported an incident has not provided their real name.
3. The case has already been fully dealt with and closed.
A written notification regarding the declining to proceed further referred to in the previous paragraph shall set out the reason(s) for not proceeding further.
If the applicant or person who has reported an incident does not receive a notification within the time specified in Paragraph 1 or within twenty days from the day following the day that a person receives a notification that the educational institution or competent authority declines to proceed further, a person may lodge a preliminary appeal with the educational institution or competent authority, setting out the grounds in writing.