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Application/Report Gender-Related Incident

To file a gender equality incidents via telephone or E-mail with a real name 

mailApplication Tel: (03)571-5131 ext. 42626, 35075, 35081

mailFax phone: (03)574-5473

mailEmail: gencom@my.nthu.edu.tw

Application period: as soon as possible after the incident, seek help or apply to the association; or wait until you/you are ready before submitting an application for investigation.

When you/you apply for investigation, we will abide by the principle of confidentiality and provide you with a detailed explanation of your rights and interests in relation to sexual harassment, sexual assault or sexual bullying. 

  We will also provide you with assistance as you wish, including interviews, accompanying you to seek medical treatment, emotional support, reporting to the police, or counselling, and if necessary, we will notify the relevant authorities in accordance with the regulations. 

The application will be referred to the committee members for follow-up within 20 days after application.

After the application is accepted, it will be referred to the rotating committee member of the Association for follow-up related processing within three days.

 Please note: According to Chapter5, Article 32, Paragraph 2 of the Gender Equality Education Act, the school or competent authority shall reject the application or offense report if one of the following applies:
1. Events not prescribed in the regulations of this Act.
2. Applicants or informants who do not provide their real names.
3. A case that has already been handled and closed.
The notification in the preceding paragraph shall explain the reason of its rejection in writing.
The applicant, victim, or informant may submit a written request for reconsideration to the school or competent authority, specifying the grounds for reconsideration, if he/she does not receive notification of the application's disposition within the time limit specified in Paragraph 1 or may do so within twenty days from the day following receipt of notification that the application is rejected.

I still have some questions before filing my application.

In the course of investigating an incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual bullying on campus, the following measures will be taken to protect the applicant:

The names and other identifying information of the subject(s) of the incident, the informant(s), the witness(es), and any other identifying information shall be kept confidential during and after the completion of the investigation, except in the interest of public safety.
In order to protect the right to education or work of the parties involved in the incident, the school will, if necessary, allow flexibility in dealing with the attendance and absence of the parties involved, assessing their grades, reducing the chance of interaction between the parties, or taking necessary actions to avoid retaliation.
 Confrontation will be avoided when there is a power imbalance between the parties.
Alternatively, you can schedule a consultation with us through the GEEC online consultation form at http://gencom.site.nthu.edu.tw/p/423-1344-1155.php?Lang=zh-tw.

I would like to make a formal request.